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For information regarding holidays, please have a look at our latest session calendar (in pdf format).

General Questions

What should my child wear when participating in Steeles West Gymnastics?

Often kids wear shorts and a t-shirt or sweat pants and a t-shirt, depending on the time of year it is. Leotards are also often worn, however make sure not to put them on with tights as the children participate barefoot (no shoes, socks or slippers). Children with long hair should have their hair tied up and out of their face.

What sort of things will my child be doing in the classes?

Each class begins with a warm up and stretch to help orient the kids around the gym, teach them basic gymnastics positions and prevent injury. After the warm up the kids will rotate to different apparatus where they will learn different skills appropriate for the age and ability. The apparatus they will go to are trampoline, floor circuit, bars, beam, rings, vault. For more details on each apparatus see our classes we offer section.

Does your program have only girls in it or do boys participate in gymnastics as well?

Our program is for boys and girls. At the older age range there are more girls involved then boys however we do have some classes that are specific to boys.

Is gymnastics only for kids who are very active and who demonstrate the strength and coordination for the sport?

Gymnastics, especially at a young age, is such a great sport to help develop your child into a strong, flexible, agile and coordinated young athlete. Whether your child is already all of the above or needs to improve on their gross motor skills (GMS) gymnastics is an important sport for children and teens to participate in. Steeles West Gymnastics is unique in that we focus on the fitness and later on skill development end of gymnastics. We make sure that we zone in on each child and teen’s strengths and weaknesses and allow them to learn and focus on the skills they wish to improve on.

Is gymnastics safe for my child to participate in?

Most children with age become climbers, swingers, jumpers, and just naturally move about in their surroundings. With a gymnastics program like Steeles West Gymnastics your child will learn how to safely do all of the above and more. The goal of Steeles West Gymnastics is to help children improve in their strength, agility, coordination, balance and more which will make their natural movements more safe and it will allow them to become more confident in their own abilities and athleticism. Once your child has learnt the basics of gymnastics and as a result has become stronger and more flexible your child will then move on to learning more difficult skills and will build on the basics that they learned in the beginning.

Steeles West Gymnastics instructors all have NCCP artistic gymnastics and trampoline certification and all have experience working with children and teens. With the proper instruction, equipement and safety mats Steeles West Gymanstics provides an excellent learning environment for children and teens.

Is KinderBounce or The Fit for Life Group involved in any charity organizations or fundraising?

The Fit for Life Group donates sessions to different school auctions and provides services for various schools.

Birthday Parties

What do the children get to do in the birthday parties?

First we begin with a warm up and games usually coordinated with music. We then split the kids into groups (6 – 8 kids in a group). Each group gets to rotate to each apparatus which includes trampoline, bars, beam, floor circuit, rings and vault. At the end of the rotations they come back together as a large group and participate in parachute activities. Afterwards the children go into the party room where they get to have food and/or cake (decided by and supplied by the birthday family).

What is the timing for the birthday parties?

The entire party lasts 1.5 hours. 1 full hour inside the gym including instructors and 30 minutes in the party room for food and cake.

Who does the clean up?

Steeles West Gymnastics provides the staff to clean up the party room. The hosts are responsible for their own items to bring them into and out of the facility.

Aside from the coaching, facility and clean up what does Steeles West Gymnastics supply?

We also supply the invitations that are printed in color (the only thing you need to fill in is the name of the child you are giving the invitation to) everything else is printed directly onto the invitation. As well we provide name tags for all the children.

What are the hosts responsible for?

The hosts are responsible for sending out the invitations provided by Steeles West Gymnastics food, cake and drinks and anything else you serve it in (plastic and paper ware). You are also responsible for décor for the party room and any loot bags presented to the children afterwards.

5 - 7 days before the party the host is responsible for providing Steeles West Gymnastics with a list of names pre-divided into groups. This way we ensure that each child is placed together with their friends and groups of kids they would like to be with. This way the birthday boy/girl can choose the friends they want in their group ahead of time. Steeles West Gymnastics then uses the list and color coordinates the name tags so everything is organized and divided ahead of time and the coaches have an easier time placing the kids in their pre-selected groups.

How do I book my party?

$50.00 deposit is required within a week of booking the date of the party. The balance is paid on the day of the party.


Number of Kids Up to 14 15 - 19 20 - 24 25 - 29 30 - 35
Price (plus HST) $235.00 $275.00 $315.00 $355.00 $395.00
Ages 2+ 2+ 3+ 3+ 4+, drop off only

For more details please see our Birthday Parties Section.

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